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Volunteers Needed to Join a Committee



Committees are forming for Chapter Contests, Saturday Class, National Payroll Week, Statewide, Anniversary Celebration, and the Annual Dinner Meeting.


Be a Committee Chairperson and see the project from inception to completion, or take on a portion of the project as a team member.


Contact us via email or speak with a Board Member at meetings for more details.



COTY (Chapter of the Year) Committee:  

Chairperson: Kim Maletto 



Newsletter Committee: new this year !

Chairperson: available

 Membership/Sponsorship Committee:  ongoing

deadline   3/6/15

Chairperson: available


Publicity/Charity/Proclamation Committee : ongoing

Chairperson: available

Best Chapter Website Contest Committee: 

Chairperson: Donna Finch



Chapter Pictorial Contest Committee:  

Chairperson: available



Best Statewide Contest Committee:  

Chairperson: available



  National Payroll Week Committee: 

Chairperson: Joanne Avallone


Statewide Committee: deadline  Oct. 2020

Chairperson: Colleen Flores  


 Annual Dinner Meeting Committee: 

Chairpersons: Joanne Avallone and Judy Du Haime





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